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Lockdown: Over 500 cases of child marriages reported since mid-March in West Bengal

Over 500 cases of child marriage were reported in West Bengal since mid-March when the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown was imposed, officials said, claiming that in most cases, underage girls were married off by families who lost their earnings due to the shutdown.

Despite restrictions in travel and movement, there has been no let-up in child marriages over the past few months, although the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights has thwarted several such cases upon receiving complaints, she said.

At least 22 cases of child marriage were registered this month at the WBCPCR helpdesk, which was set up on June 1, amid reports that the illegal practice was rampant in several parts of the state, Moumita Chatterjee, a consultant of the statutory body, told PTI on Monday.

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