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I’m introducing myself – who am I, what I do now, what is my past and what is my future plan.

Hi, I’m Rabi Roy. Previously a magazine editor, researcher and IEC coordinator I became a full-time freelance writer in 2015.

Now I spend most of my time reading and writing. Although my favourite subject is history, regular news compilation is my passion. Apart from historical events and news feed on various topics, this blog will publish articles regularly on other meaningful issues, too.

My ongoing work

Earnings through this blog will help the blog to survive. Business plans in this regard will be presented in the near future through the blog.

Supporting goodwill services will be one of the initiatives in this blog in future.

Smiles are a rare thing on people’s faces today. I’m a person who wants to see a limpid smile on everyone’s face. That is why my blog is named ‘Smile’. This blog wishes to achieve that goal with the publication of meaningful writings, people-oriented business initiatives and encouraging goodwill services. This blog also wishes to give an exposure to the current society which has compelled us to forget to smile.
All our publications will come in the BLOG section. Publications will remain in different categories, namely- Historical Events, News Feed, Human Trafficking, Child Marriage, Temple Prostitution, Poem, Short Story, Travel, Memoir, etc.

Knowledge gained from everyday experience will be the way forward for this blog.

February 2023

What I Do

Compilation of issue-based news from dailies.

What I Do

Prepare facts finding report.

What I Do

Collect historical information regularly.

What I Do

DTP related jobs as well digital jobs.

Newsletter Editing, Writing Articles, Proofreading, etc

Future Plans:

Income Generating Plan

Solar Home Appliances (Preference/Not yet fixed)

Translation of articles, etc

Let’s make something together.
Let’s just go ahead holding each other’s hands to make a better world.
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