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History is my favorite subject.
The compilation of news is my passion.
Gaining knowledge about any unknown subject is my craze.
My education is in the school of the world.

Hi, I’m Rabi Roy. Previously a magazine editor, I became a full-time freelance writer in 2015. I spend most of my time now with reading and writing. And now I’m a full-time blogger.

February 2023

30 years ago a Chinese tank column stopped for ‘Tank Man.’ Fang Zheng wasn’t so lucky

Reporting from Beijing —   Everyone remembers China’s “Tank Man,” who stood with bags in his hands, blocking a line of tanks withdrawing from Tiananmen Square a day after the fatal June 4, 1989, military crackdown against pro-democracy protesters. Thirty years later, Fang Zheng wonders why the tanks stopped for that man, but rolled right over him as he…

COVID-19 LIVE | In just two days, India’s coronavirus tally crosses from 13-lakh to over 14-lakh

India’s COVID tally crossed 14 lakh-mark on Monday with 708 deaths and highest single-day spike of 49,931 cases in last 24-hours.  According to the Health Ministry, the total coronavirus positive cases now stand at 14,35,453 including 4,85,114 active cases, 9,17,568 cured/discharged/migrated and 32,771 deaths. Maharashtra has reported 3,66,368 coronavirus cases, the highest among states and Union Territories in the country.…

Lockdown: Over 500 cases of child marriages reported since mid-March in West Bengal

Over 500 cases of child marriage were reported in West Bengal since mid-March when the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown was imposed, officials said, claiming that in most cases, underage girls were married off by families who lost their earnings due to the shutdown. Despite restrictions in travel and movement, there has been no let-up in child…

India Has the Highest Number of Child Brides in the World

Earlier this year, UNICEF had released a report stating that the number of girls getting married in India had halved. Despite this drop, nearly 1.5 million girls in India get married before they turn 18. Child marriage remains a social evil that India has seemingly had a hard time eradicating. The legal age of marriage in India…


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